It’s here! Derf’s True Stories #1 is a thing. Pre-order now. debut at SPX. In stores November.

WTF! Someone messed with our sign!

Not too sure about this vacation spot. (at Mt. Madonna County Park)

Today the shop is being watched by this cardboard box.

Wow Cool Alternative Comics is finally on Apple’s map app.

Store doodles. Marc A. August 21 2014.

Who the he’ll did this? I must have gotten it as wrapping for some books but have no memory of it.

A City of Whiskey & Fire by Daniel Landes & Noah Van Sciver from Alternative Comics. Out in October. Page 255 in the August Diamond Previews.

Vintage Dog Boy art.

Steve Lafler signing some original art.

A lovely Dan Clowes original paid us a visit today.

All set for lunch with Steve Lafler at Wow Cool | Alternative Comics in Cupertino. (at Wow Cool)

Flyers are up! Steve Lafler will be signing books at Wow Cool | Alternative Comics at noon on Friday. (at Wow Cool)

Made a batch of buttons of the mysterious costumed vigilante from Steve Lafler’s Death in Oaxaca for the signing events in San Francisco and Oakland this weekend.